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United States
Current Residence: In a jar
Personal Quote: *laughs at a cloud* HAHAHAHA, you're evaporation...
  • Listening to: rave-ish music of glee 8D
  • Reading: Follow the River; it makes me sad
  • Drinking: waterrrr 8>
Because I like my stupid names. cB *stole Uco's fec*

List the names that you are called by and name the people who call you by these names.
Tag ten (10) others to do the same thing, paste the link of your entry on page.

1) Pooka - Tis my name, fewl. :>
2) Pookachu / Pookachifilareon / pookazooka / Pookity / Pookity-poo / Pazooka / Poo / POOKA-SAMA - Maaany variants of my name; all that I made myself really. XD; *gay* Although that last one if from Lumos, around when we first met. *laughs at it*
3) Green Monster / Greeny - I touched the green monster ball and became a green monster. Also used this name on Ratchet and Clank online. xD
4) Francium / Frankie / Francis / FRANCESCA - I almost wanted this to be my name. o___O Yeah. Only Jason called me Frankie, and my mom/sister called me Francesca. xD
5) Kitty - I also almost wanted this to be my name. Only this one guy on the bus called me it. xD;
6) Squirrelbush - Thank you Dezwill for giving me this name because of my hair.
7) Cotty/Kawty? - ... Thank you again Dezwill, aka BILLLYYYYY!!! D8< (His fo realz name is William, but I called him Billy to annoy him and he became certain that if he called me this I would be annoyed... oO)
8) Dumas - My last name. BD *licks it*
9) Dumb Ass - *points to my last name* Figure it out. *LUFFS DIS NAME* <3

I don't tag people because I'm not a tagger. D:< Also, I wanted a random note that I HATE it when people give me nicknames. Hate it. *points up* I have enough already, so I don't want anymore. *probably sounded mean just now* XD; But really, I'm touchy about names because I'm weird, so yeah... I really only like (to be called) Pooka, Poo, Green Monster, Greeny, Squirrelbush, and Dumb Ass. xD


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DinoBit Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2009
Hey you! Keep up the good work! How's Maya treatin' you?
Amanora Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the :+devwatch: and the :+fav: :hug:
Mthrendyle Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2009
did you draw those fool plushies?
holymushrooms they were good.
Pookity Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2009
I did... They weren't really that great though, dude. XD;
Gewls Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2009
*evil laugh* TAG!
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